7 Benefits of ethical fashion

We frequently hear that wearing ethical and sustainable clothing is excellent for the environment, but did you also know 7 benefits of ethical fashion that it’s healthy for you? Ethical fashion, in contrast to quick fashion, puts people and the environment before money.

We’ve compiled seven justifications for the significance of slow fashion as well as advantages of ethical production.

Top benefits of sustainable and ethical fashion:

  • Saves money in the long run
  • High-quality clothing
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Saves animal lives
  • Requires less water to make
  • Supports safe working conditions
  • Better for our health and our planet

1 – Saves money in the long run:

Ever notice how quickly a $10 t-shirt wears out? You may just need to wash it a few times before it starts to appear worn. Not so with slow-fashion clothing, though! In the long term, investing in higher-quality clothing will save you money, especially when it comes to the foundational pieces you’ll reach for frequently.

 A high-quality t-shirt may last a decade if properly cared for, compared to a cheap t-shirt’s few months to year-long lifespan. Still doubtful? See this blog post to see how much a t-shirt really costs.

When Miik originally began, our main goal was to employ durable fabrics to make apparel. It became our goal. We set out to make timeless, multipurpose pieces that may be worn continuously without fading or losing their shape. Our founder and designer, Donna, is sporting Miik apparel that she created when she initially launched the company back in 2011. They still appear to be new!

2 – High-quality clothing:

Instead of emphasizing quantity, sustainable fashion emphasizes quality. Unlike quick fashion manufacturers, the apparel is made of better materials that are designed to last. Additionally, eco-friendly textiles are typically softer and stronger. You dispose of a lot less waste as a result than you would with quick fashion items Reducing textile waste by concentrating on quality. Did you know that every year, the average person discards roughly 37 kg of textiles? That is comparable to discarding 111 novels in size. Because of this, Miik has always opted to employ strong, environmentally friendly textiles.

3 – Reduces carbon footprint:

Did you know that 10% of the world’s carbon emissions are caused by the fashion industry? That exceeds the sum of all foreign flights and maritime shipping. Fast fashion is to blame for almost 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions!

Natural materials, which require fewer resources to create and have a reduced carbon footprint, are used by sustainable brands. Not only that, but by avoiding having goods delivered from abroad, you may significantly lower your carbon impact by producing locally.

4 – Saves animal lives:

When we consider animals and fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is wearing clothing made of their fur or skin. What if, though, we informed you that the problem is considerably more widespread? About 20% of the wastewater produced worldwide is used in the treatment and dyeing of textiles.

 Heavy metals and poisons are released when wastewater is discharged back into our waters, having an impact on both the health of animals and people. 35% or so of the principal microplastic pollution in the water is the result of the fashion industry. Sustainable brands prioritize life before profit and utilize cruelty-free substitutes. They employ less harmful substances for the environment and you—non-toxic dyes and chemicals.

Our contractors at Miik transform our natural fibers into yarn and colour our clothes using environmentally friendly methods. Under industrial, domestic, soil, and marine circumstances, our LENZINGTM modal fibers have been verified as compostable and biodegradable, and they can completely revert to nature. Click here to learn more about the eco-friendly fabrics we use.

5 -Requires less water to make:

Did you know that to create ONE t-shirt, 700 gallons of water are required? We consume that much water in a period of three years. Imagine having to discard 10 t-shirts every year because you purchased them at a very low price during a sale and they no longer appear to be brand-new. Those 10 t-shirts required 7,000 gallons of water, which are now in our landfills.

You won’t need to toss out your basic t-shirts anytime soon because sustainable fashion businesses employ higher quality materials that last YEARS. Additionally, they use production methods that require less water.As previously stated, Miik uses non-toxic dyes for its fabrics, and its suppliers have adopted water recycling.

6 – Supports safe working conditions:

Do you observe that some Ethiopian textile workers receive a monthly salary of roughly USD 26? without any laws or regulations guarding their rights or welfare. Due to a lack of supervision and regard for human life in the textile sector, there have been countless industrial accidents throughout history that resulted in the deaths of several individuals.

Producers from Canada, like Miik, are subject to more labor laws. Additionally, being able to witness the factory conditions firsthand allows us to stringent have everything locally produced.

By producing in Canada, we can provide a secure, moral, and courteous working environment for every individual who is a part of our supply chain.

7 – Better for our health and our planet:

We’ve already discussed how many pollutants are dumped into our waterways, but there are more. In order to make textiles, more than 8,000 chemicals are used. Optical whiteners, soda ash, caustic soda, optical whiteners, ammonia, acetic acid, optical whiteners, and resins based on formaldehyde are just a few of the harmful materials that could be present in textile dyes.

For factory employees and individuals who live close to rivers that have been contaminated by chemical dyes, prolonged overexposure to these harmful substances can have negative health effects. Rivers that have been contaminated stop flowing, destroying the soils and drinking water.

As a result of receiving the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, all of our textiles are safe for you and the environment. This certification requires that every thread, button, and other accessory be tested for dangerous compounds.

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